Engineering Honors Program

The Cockrell School of Engineering offers a select group of students the opportunity to participate in the Engineering Honors Program (EHP), a non-curriculum based program designed to enhance the undergraduate experience outside the classroom.

Participants gain access to scholarships for first-year students, honors housing, faculty mentors and community building events hosted by the University Honors Center and the Engineering Honors Program.  You first must be admitted to an engineering major in the Cockrell School before your application will be reviewed to participate in the program.  Non-engineering majors will not be reviewed.

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Contact Us

Fax: 512-475-6893

Mailing Address:
Engineering Honors Program
The University of Texas at Austin
AUSTIN TX 78712-2100

Current Students Contact:
Pam Dahl
Phone: 512-232-9446
Office: ECJ, Room 2.200

Future Students Contact:
Michelle Mansolo
Phone: 512-475-6830
Office: ECJ, Room 2.106

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How to Apply

EHP application process:

  • Preference given to first-choice engineering majors
  • Submit the admission application by Dec. 1
  • Complete the honors application by Dec. 1  (no priority deadline)
  • No letters of recommendation or resumes accepted for the EHP
  • Invitations will begin going out during February by mail


Selection criteria for future students:

  • High school class rank
  • Test scores, such as SAT, ACT or AP
  • Academic honors and awards
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Leadership experience

Current students will be invited to apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • Complete at least 24 hours in residence in the Cockrell School
  • Have at least 60 credit hours remaining in your degree program
  • Rank in the top 10 percent of your class and department


Honors Thesis

An EHP student who completes an Undergraduate Honors Thesis will receive special honors designation on his or her transcript and is recognized during the graduation ceremony.

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Honors Societies

Several honor societies are open to engineering students, recognizing those who maintain outstanding academic records and who demonstrate exceptional leadership and teamwork skills.

Engineering/Plan II Honors Dual Degree

The Cockrell School and the College of Liberal Arts jointly offer the Engineering/Plan II Honors Dual Degree Program, where students may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts, Plan II. Students may pursue an engineering and Plan II degree without being in the Engineering Honors Program. Questions may be directed to Plan II Honors Program, WCH 4.104, 512-471-1442, or e-mail