Engineering Undeclared

Engineering Undeclared students are in transition from one major to another. This is an interim classification until the transfer is complete. A student may choose to leave engineering or may be dismissed from engineering after being placed on probation. Some transfer to another college at UT Austin or to another university. The transfer requirements may vary so it is important to contact each college or university to discuss their procedures, requirements, and deadlines.

Engineering Undeclared students must meet with an advisor in Engineering Student Services (ESS) during each long semester. An advising bar will be placed on the student's account until they meet with an ESS advisor. To make an appointment, students should call 512-471-4321.

In addition to advising, there are resources to help in deciding a new major and career direction:

Engineering Student Services

Contact Engineering Student Services (ESS) for answers about policies, procedures, support services and programs.

Location: Engineering Education and Research Center (EER), 2.848 
Street Address: 2501 Speedway
Phone: 512-471-4321
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m