Forms and Applications

The information below is provided to assist current undergraduate engineering students with commonly used applications and forms.

Concurrent Enrollment

An engineering student must have the approval of the Dean via an online application approved by Engineering Student Services (formerly SAO) before registering concurrently at another institution, either for coursework in residence or for a distance education course. The student may not enroll concurrently in any course counting toward their degree during the semester he or she will be graduating. Advising at ESS

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Foreign Language Requirement Waiver

The Cockrell School of Engineering and The University of Texas require two units (three are recommended) of a foreign language in high school for admission. Both units must be in a single foreign language. Transfer students who were admitted to the university without meeting the high school unit requirements must submit a request to waive this deficiency at Engineering Student Services. Advising at ESS

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Students must apply for graduation the first semester they are eligible to graduate. A student is considered eligible to graduate if they can complete all course requirements by registering for 12 semester hours or fewer. Advising at ESS

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Change of Major/Internal Transfer

Internal transfer describes the process of a currently enrolled undergraduate student at UT Austin moving from one college to another, or within the Cockrell School from one major to another. Admission is competitive and based on space availability. Advising at ESS

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Major Sequence

Major Sequence describes the set of courses normally taken in the last two years of undergraduate study, in which students utilize concepts learned in Basic Sequence courses. Advising at departments.

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Students in the Cockrell School are allowed to minor in any field in which the university offers a major, outside of the School of Engineering. A minor is not required as part of any engineering degree program. Students should apply for their minor before submitting their graduation application. Advising at departments.

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Students must receive departmental advisor approval to take courses on a pass/fail basis. Please see Guidelines for 2010-2014 Catalog Students or Guidelines for 2004-2010 Catalog Students. Please note: Pass/Fail application deadline is November 1. Advising at departments.

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Registration for Over 17 Hours

An engineering student may not enroll in more than 17 hours of coursework in a semester, except with the approval of the Dean via online application approved by Engineering Student Services. After a student applies and a decision is made, the student will be notified by email to check his or her status. Advising at ESS

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Repetition of a Course

An undergraduate in the Cockrell School who has not earned admission into the major sequence may not enroll in any course required by the engineering degree plan more than twice. A symbol of Q or W counts as an enrollment unless it is recognized as nonacademic by the Dean’s office. To request permission to enroll in a course for a third or more attempt, a student must submit a written appeal. Advising at ESS

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Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses

Students may enroll in graduate courses for undergraduate credit, assuming they meet certain conditions and Engineering Student Services has approved their application. An undergraduate student enrolled in a graduate course is subject to all university regulations affecting undergraduates. Advising at ESS

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Engineering Student Services

Contact Engineering Student Services (ESS) for answers about policies, procedures, support services and programs.

Location: Engineering Student Services (ESS) Building
Street Address: 2407 Speedway
Phone: 512-471-4321
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Department Advising

To contact advisors within your department, visit the Departmental Advising Offices page.

Apply to the Cockrell School

For Cockrell School admissions information, visit Undergraduate Admissions.

To apply to The University of Texas at Austin, visit Be a Longhorn.

G4: Scheduling for Graduation

G4 module

G4 focuses on degree requirements and time-related issues that surround courses to assist students in scheduling for graduation. Read more

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