Claiming Credit by Exam

In order for credit by exam or AP credits to count toward a degree or as a course prerequisite, students must first claim the credit at the Center for Teaching and Learning - Student Testing Services. Your academic advisor can help you determine which credits you should claim.

Steps to Claim Credit

  1. Start on the university's Center for Teaching and Learning Test Results and Course Petitioning page
  2. Read the Placement Versus Credit information.
  3. Click on the petition button, and log in.
  4. Complete and submit the petition.


  • There is a fee of $6 per credit hour for claiming credit. For example, three credit hours would cost $18.  Payment options are available.
  • Claimed credit-by-exam will not affect your GPA.
  • If you take a course in residence for which you have already earned credit-by-exam, whether you have petitioned or not, you will NOT be able to claim the credit.

More information is available at the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Engineering Student Services

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