2010-2016 Catalog

Pass/Fail Guidelines

All courses required for all engineering degrees must be taken for a letter grade unless the course is offered only on the pass/fail basis.  A student may elect to take courses that do not count toward the degree or are being taken to remove a deficiency on the pass/fail basis rather than for a letter grade. To elect the pass/fail system of grading:

  1. The student must have received at least thirty hours of college credit before registering for any course on the pass/fail basis, unless the course is offered only on the pass/fail basis.
  2. The student may take no more than two courses a semester on the pass/fail basis.
  3. The student may take up to five one-semester courses, including correspondence courses, on the pass/fail basis.
  4. The student must submit an application no later than the deadline given in the academic calendar.

Submit a Pass/Fail Application


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