Department Identities

Please reference the Cockrell School's Brand Standards Manual when using the identities below and the Visual Guidelines page for Cockrell School identities.

For questions about the Cockrell School identity and usage, please contact Cockrell School Communications at

Identity Examples


The Formal Signature example below is the primary identity for Cockrell School departments and programs and is to be used most often.


UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering logo



The Informal Branded Signature is the secondary identity for the Cockrell School and is to be used for specific purposes and materials. It includes two parts: "Texas Engineering" and a variation of the department's/program's Formal Signature. When using the Informal Branded Signature, both parts must be used within the same piece but never stacked together.


UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering logo


UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering logo



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