Ramshorn Spirit Mark

The Ramshorn: A Symbol of Excellence

Over a century ago, T.U. Taylor, UT Austin’s first engineering faculty member and the first dean of the college of engineering, began drawing an elaborate check mark — a “Ramshorn” — on his students' best papers. Over the years, it became known as a symbol of excellence in engineering education at The University of Texas at Austin.

Texas Engineering adopted the Ramshorn as the focal graphical element of its official logo until 2015 when the Cockrell School adopted the university’s new uniform system. Although it is no longer part of the school’s logo, the Ramshorn continues to be a visible symbol of pride and community among alumni and students.

The Ramshorn Spirit Mark

For the Cockrell School, the Ramshorn is a unique symbol — a sort of membership card — linking Texas Engineers together throughout the world. To celebrate T.U. Taylor’s legacy, and to ensure that the Ramshorn remains central to the Texas Engineering identity, the Cockrell School has introduced the Ramshorn spirit mark to reflect the original version first drawn in the early 1900s.

T.U. Taylor's original
hand-written Ramshorn:

taylor original ramshorn

Official Cockrell School Ramshorn spirit mark (introduced in 2015):

ramshorn spirit mark

Guidelines for Using the Ramshorn Spirit Mark

Who can use the mark?
Members of the Cockrell School community (alumni, faculty, staff and students).

How should the mark be used?
The Ramshorn spirit mark should be used on special occasions and for specific purposes and audiences, including:

  • Alumni event materials, newsletters, products and collateral created to strengthen our community
  • Student event materials, newsletters and collateral created to educate current and future students about the history and tradition of the Cockrell School
  • Select development and alumni relations initiatives, like the Friends of Alec Annual Giving Program and the Ramshorn Society

The Ramshorn spirit mark must not be accompanied by a program or organization name (so as to appear as a logo); however, the following approved caption may be added underneath or to the side of the mark:

The Ramshorn, a mark used by the first dean of Texas Engineering to indicate a student’s perfect paper, is celebrated today as a symbol of excellence among the Cockrell School community.

Examples of Acceptable Ramshorn Usage

Print Booklet

taylor original ramshorn

Donor Invitation

ramshorn spirit mark

Lapel Pin

taylor original ramshorn

Leather Notebook

ramshorn spirit mark

How can students, staff and faculty access the Ramshorn logo files?
The new mark is available in three color options (burnt orange, white and black) and in three file formats (eps, jpg and png). The Ramshorn spirit mark requires permission for use and files are available upon request.

If you would like to use the Ramshorn spirit mark, please email comm@engr.utexas.edu with a description of how you would like to use it and for what purpose.

Questions or need assistance?
If you have questions about the Ramshorn spirit mark or whether it is appropriate to use for your project, please contact comm@engr.utexas.edu.