1st and 2nd Year Programs

WEP offers four programs specifically targeted to first- and second-year students, recognizing that these students need support and encouragement to get the most out of their college experience and to help them explore the options and make informed decisions about college careers and future plans, including internships and careers.

First Year Initiative (FYI)

WEP’s First Year Initiative (FYI) program is designed specifically for the needs and interests of first-year women engineering students. FYI events provide academic and peer support to inform students about engineering as a major and to connect students to the larger engineering community.


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First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)

First-year Interest Groups are another WEP program geared toward ensuring that women in the Cockrell School achieve their maximum potential.

A FIG is:

  • a small group of first year students who share classes,
  • a great way to get to know people,
  • a resource for getting to know The University of Texas at Austin,
  • a connection with experienced students who serve as upper-division peer mentors with inside knowledge of university life, and
  • a great start to your college education.

Participants in WEP FIGs take 1-2 cohort courses together and also meet weekly with their FIG facilitator and a peer mentor for a one-hour seminar, which includes a free lunch or snacks each week! Seminar topics are selected to help students adjust to life at the university, develop strategies for a successful college career, and have some fun while getting used to life as a UT student. Students select their FIG to join during summer orientation.

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Residential Community

The WEP Residential Community in Kinsolving South provides first-year women in engineering with the opportunity to live together in a residential community formed from like-minded and motivated individuals. This community provides a smooth transition from home to college and easy access to new friends and study groups.

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Spatial Visualization

The Cockrell School of Engineering is dedicated to the recruitment, retention and graduation of new engineers. We believe that providing testing and training in the area of spatial visualization may greatly improve the success of students in engineering and related coursework.

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Women in the Second year of Engineering (WISE)

A select group of second-year students are admitted to the Women in the Second Year of Engineering (WISE). This prestigious group gains exclusive access to the following program offerings.


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Contact Us

For more information, contact Ana Dison at anadison@utexas.edu or 512-471-5650.