Residential Community

The Women in Engineering Program (WEP) Living Learning Community (LLC) in Kinsolving provides first-year engineering women with the opportunity to live together in a supportive, residential community. Members are part of a First Year Interest Group (FIG), make new friends quickly, form study groups and have special programming and academic support from the WEP Staff. Information about applying for on campus housing is here!

The WEP Living Learning Community (LLC) features:

  • Enrollment in a WEP First year Interest Group (FIG) 
  • Interdisciplinary community of engineering women
  • Hands-on engineering based projects
  • Engineering study tips & academic success seminars
  • Weekly Office Hours with WEP Staff
  • Close proximity to the engineering complex
  • Special door tags/signs to help you find other engineering women in your wing
  • Planned Sunday evening outings to explore Austin
  • Tutoring & academic support
  • Organized study sessions
  • Peer Mentoring from upper class engineering women
  • Small participation scholarships for active students
  1. Students may only be registered for and participate in, one FIG of any kind.
  2. Students accepted in the WEP LLC are guaranteed a spot in one of the WEP LLC FIGs.
  3. To be eligible for the WEP LLC, you must be awarded a Housing Contract. Apply for on campus housing as soon as possible; contracts are awarded by Housing based on the application received date. 
  4. The application period for the WEP LLC will be March 1st - May 1st, in conjunction with the return of the Housing Contract.
  5. Selection of WEP LLC members will be May 2nd - May 15th; notification of acceptance as well as room selection will be May 16th - May 31st so that students know their status prior to New Student Orientation.
  6. WEP LLC FIG selection will be during New Student Orientation.

Program questions may be directed to Ana Dison, WEP Assistant Director:


"Each wing develops a comfortable little community and I feel that's what sets Kinsolving apart."

"It's great to have other engineering women around who understand your workload."

"At first I was very hesitant about living in an all-girls hall, but after a year, I am so glad I did."

"Living together helps you meet people, as well as being there to support each other."


Contact the Women in Engineering Program at or at 512-471-5650 for more information.