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MentorNet is The E-Mentoring Network for Diversity in Engineering and Science.

The Women in Engineering Program is partnering with MentorNet to get you connected to a doctor, lawyer, corporate executive, graduate student, recent graduate or an engineer at your favorite company!  Use MentorNet to:

  • connect with great mentors from across the nation.
  • investigate career paths, jobs, companies and leadership roles.
  • seek help with resumes, interview skills, leadership skills and more.

Important things to know about the MentorNet One-on-One Mentoring Program:

  • Students (Protégés) choose the type of mentor with whom they wish to be paired.
  • Mentors describe their work/educational experience and preferences for a protégé.
  • The MentorNet relationship will last for 8 months.
  • Further information may be found in the frequently asked questions section of MentorNet web site.

How To Sign Up:

  • Signing up to get an e-mentor is an easy process.
  • FIRST, prospective protégés join/sign in to the MentorNet Community.
  • SECOND, follow the One-on-One Mentoring Programs links to create a protégé profile.


  • Once a protégé creates a profile, she/he is presented with the profiles (minus identifying information) of up to 5 potential mentors.
  • The protégé then can choose one of these mentors or ask MentorNet to make the match automatically for her/him.
  • If after two weeks, the protégé has not chosen or asked MentorNet to choose, we will attempt to automatically match her/him with a mentor.

Mentors & Volunteers Introduction

Mentors and volunteers make a difference every day through their involvement with WEP.  You may share your story (tips, words of wisdom, stories of experience) at any time so that we may draw upon your experiences and share with our students throughout the year. Sign up for the monthly WEP Volunteer eNewsletter to get the latest information about upcoming volunteering and mentoring opportunities with WEP.

WEP also depends on financial support from friends, alumni and companies to continue to serve more than 15,000 precollege and college students each year.  Volunteer contributions through the Friends of Alec Annual Giving Program provide scholarships and program support for WEP participants and initiatives.

Support WEP - Learn how you can support WEP and our engineering students and student organizations through corporate partnerships, the Friends of Alec Annual Giving Program and financial contributions.

PALs - Upper-class students are invited to mentor future engineering women participating in WEP high school recruitment programs and first year women engineering majors enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin.

GLUE - Graduate students are invited to mentor second and third year engineering students interested in experiencing research and exploring the possibility of graduate school.

MentorNet - Alumni and friends are invited to mentor undergraduate and graduate women in the Cockrell School by sharing experiences and providing career and professional development advice.

Share Your Story

The Women in Engineering Program uses a variety of methods to share the insights and experiences of alumni and industry friends with current engineering students.

Share your story with our students. Describe your engineering experiences. What has your career path looked like? What cool, creative, innovative or unique projects or jobs have been a part of your career? Share one story, a few experiences, or your full bio!

Choose as many or as few things to share! Share with our students how you chose engineering, your advice on balancing careers and personal life, research advice, your favorite engineering experience, a story about failure in engineering, or life as an engineer!

"Top Ten" survey responses provide one way for alumni and industry to easily connect with students. Responses are compiled and posted anonymously to the WEP eCommunity, an online resource for female engineering students. Complete one or all of the surveys and share your thoughts with our students.

  • Top 10 Tips for Interviewing Success
  • Top 10 Interview Pet Peeves
  • Top 10 Tips for Writing Effective Resumes
  • Top 10 Resume Pet Peeves
  • Top 10 Jobs/Careers I Wish I'd Known About Before I Graduated
  • Top 10 Networking Tips
  • Top 10 Career Fair Tips
  • Top 10 Tips for Graduating Seniors
  • Top 10 Tips for New Engineering Students

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K-12 Resources

Explore how engineers use their imagination and analytical skills to solve problems that change the world. Parents, teachers, counselors and students can find additional information about engineering through the following resources.

Explore engineering through these resources!

Texas Girls Collaborative Project (TxGCP)

K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) events, conferences, competitions, camps and research programs from all around Texas.

Texas Girls Collaborative Project

Visit TxGCP »

Request for Engineering Volunteers

Submit a request for classroom visits or engineering volunteers from the Cockrell School of Engineering (engineering students) and the Central Texas Discover Engineering volunteers (engineering professional in the local community).
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Contact the Women in Engineering Program at or at 512-471-5650 for more information.