Leadership Opportunities

Expectations for today’s engineering graduates are higher than ever before as companies and graduate schools seek employees and candidates with strong leadership, communication and team-building skills. WEP provides many opportunities for students to gain real-world leadership experiences and connections to engineering leaders in industry and academia.

Leadership Collaborative

The WEP Leadership Collaborative brings together WEP and eleven student-led organizations, groups and committees that serve UT Austin female engineering students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Leadership Collaborative includes leadership trainings, monthly collaboration meetings, community building, career exploration, mentoring and outreach initiatives.

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Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs)

Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs) provide support to first year engineering women to help them transition from high school into the Cockrell School. PALs also work with WEP to recruit students to the university.


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Leadership Seminar

The WEP Leadership Seminar provides undergraduate students with practical applications to assess their leadership and communication styles and then apply what they learn through interactive activities. Seminars include interactive discussions, personal assessments, industry leader guest speakers, and MBA-level course material.

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Student Leaders Conference

The Cockrell School of Engineering Student Division Offices hosts the Annual Student Leaders Conference to train student leaders across the Cockrell School including student office staff, mentors, tutors and student organization leaders.

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