Student Leaders Conference

The Cockrell School of Engineering Student Division Offices hosts the Annual Student Leaders Conference to train, support, and excite student leaders across the Cockrell School including student office staff, mentors, tutors and student organization leaders.

Over 2800 students have been trained at the Conference since its inception in 2005. Goals of the Conference include:

  1. Quality and consistent training of student employees and leaders within the Cockrell School of Engineering is achieved while minimizing resource expenditures
  2. Student employees and leaders are shown how they fit into the Cockrell School of Engineering and how they are part of the Cockrell School of Engineering team which is larger than their individual organizations
  3. Participants, Cockrell School of Engineering staff and supporters find the Student Leaders Conference beneficial and valuable
  4. Networking opportunities between student leaders are provided in a fun, enjoyable training environment

The Student Leaders Conference is held the Monday before classes begin in the fall semester.

Registration Information

Invitations to student organization leaders, mentors, office assistants and other targeted Cockrell School of Engineering student leaders are sent during the summer.  Registration is typically open from May through the Wednesday prior to the Student Leaders Conference.  For more information, contact your program office. (Corporate Partners are emailed registration information for corporate representatives.)

Corporate Partners

The Cockrell School Student Leaders Conference is made possible though the generous support of corporate partners. 2016 Student Leaders Conference Corporate Partners include:

Lead Partner:

schlumberger color

Corporate Partners:

Allstate Insurance Company
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Fidelity Investments
Goodman Manufacturing
Navy Officers Program
Texas Engineering Solutions, LLC
Texas Instruments

THANKS to all our corporate partners! For corporate partner information, contact Tricia Berry with the Women in Engineering Program.




"I liked that I was able to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how to use/improve them in my leadership roles as well as how to advertise them to recruiters."

"I liked meeting new people and learning quick tips on becoming successful."