Leadership Seminar

The WEP Leadership Seminar provides undergraduate students with practical applications to assess their leadership and communication styles and then apply what they learn through interactive activities. Seminars include interactive discussions, personal assessments, alumni/industry leader guest speakers, and MBA-level course material. 

The Leadership Seminar helps all engineering students enhance their leadership and communication skills in a weekly course full of discussion, small group activities and individual assessments. This course is a great way for you to meet other engineers, develop and think about your leadership skills in a fun format, as well as build your resume. 

Seminar topics include leadership styles, vision, micromessaging, bias busting, conflict resolution, negotiation, communication styles, team dynamics, body language, personal branding and marketing. This course is open to all engineering majors, both male and female and is best suited for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students only. Participants in the WEP Leadership Seminar gain the skills to be successful both in school and in the workplace, including:

  • The background & basic skills you need to transition to the work world
  • A distinct advantage over your peers in the job search process
  • Demonstrate to potential employers that you are committed to learning the principles of leadership required to be successful in the workplace

This course is taught in the fall and spring semesters and the listing may be found in the Course Schedule under Engineering Studies, 222. Students may only take the course on a pass/fail basis.

"I enjoyed the guest speakers. They really gave me an idea of what I will have time for when I have an engineering job."

"The speakers were my favorite part. It was really interesting to learn about people's lives as engineers."

"I learned there are so many different career paths out there for engineers that can take you anywhere you want it to."

"I really got a lot out of doing the self-assessments. The results for me made it clear that I have things I need to work on."


Contact the Women in Engineering Program at wep@engr.utexas.edu or at 512-471-5650 for more information.