Sending the Right Message

Volunteers are an important component of our programs. Through our current engineering students and industry volunteers, girls and young women learn about how their interests connect to engineering. Please help us send the right message that will encourage participants to consider a career in engineering.

The National Academy of Engineering conducted a major study to address the messages we portray to pre-college students about engineering.  The findings show that young people want jobs that make a difference.  Additional recommendations include:

  • Stop reinforcing the images of ‘nerdy and boring’
  • Stop focusing on math and science as the needed inputs and instead focus on the outputs, career opportunities, and making a difference in the world
  • Use the word ‘create’, not ‘build’; use the following five words instead: discovery, design, imagination, innovation, contribution
  • Describe engineering  as creative problem solvers, essential to health, happiness and safety
  • Emphasize that engineers  shape the future

You might also look at Engineer Your Life and Engineering Go For It for additional ideas on how to talk about engineering.  Or check out the Changing the Conversation: Sending the Right Messages about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math presentation shared through the Texas Girls Collaborative Project.

K-12 Outreach Volunteers Facebook Group

Engineering students are encouraged to join the Cockrell School of Engineering Outreach Volunteers Facebook Group. Receive messages about various outreach and community activities. 
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