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My Study Abroad Experience: Sheffield, England

January 21, 2013

By Kaitlynn Hall, Senior Mechanical Engineering student

Picture of Kaitlynn Hall standing in front of a mountain while hiking in EnglandStudying abroad was one of the absolute highlights of my college career.  I gained a lot of self-confidence during my semester abroad, and I got to see first-hand how applicable the skills I learned in my engineering classes were.

I first contacted the International Engineering Office at UT and met with an advisor to select the classes I'd take during my study abroad experience. Through conversations with her, I chose to study at the University of Sheffield in England.

I was able to contact the Sheffield advisors to get copies of the syllabi for the classes I wished to take.  I then applied and was awarded a scholarship that paid for my tuition abroad. 

Even though I was an ocean away from home, the students in my classes were learning the exact same things I was learning at home. I was even able to take a three-week spring break where I was able to travel around Europe!

Kaitlynn Hall (Senior Mechanical Engineering student) studied abroad in Sheffield, England in Spring 2012.