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My Experience as a FIG Mentor

April 22, 2013

By Katherine Olin, Senior Biomedical Engineering student

Picture of Katherine Olin backpackingBeing a FIG mentor has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I learned not only how to better speak in front of a group of people and how to plan events, but also how to share my experiences in a way that can effectively help other people.

The most important and inspiring thing I have gotten out of being a mentor has been the relationships I have formed with the girls I have mentored.

I have cheered the girls on with their successes and attempted to provide a shoulder during their difficulties. I have helped them pick out classes, study for tests, cope with being homesick, and deal with living in a new place.

Being a mentor, in many cases, has not just a one-year thing.  I still keep in touch with the girls I have mentored years back. Some will call me to ask about classes or to just talk through a hard time. I really treasure the fact that I could be a save-haven for these girls, someone to continue go to for advice.

My college career has been truly enriched by the opportunity I was given to be a mentor. If you ever are given a similar opportunity to share your experiences, definitely take it. You won’t regret it!

Katherine Olin (Senior Biomedical Engineering student) is a FIG Mentor for the Women in Engineering Program Fabulous Intelligent Girls FIG for women majoring in Aerospace, Biomedical, and Electrical Engineering.