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Office Hours: Get In, Get Your Questions Answered, Get Out

April 28, 2013

By Kaitlynn Hall, Senior Mechanical Engineering student

Headshot of Kaitlynn HallThe first time I went into office hours was for M408D. I remember being incredibly nervous that my professor would think I was stupid or would somehow embarrass me.  One day I finally got up the courage to go to office hours, because the homework was really difficult, and I knew I couldn’t go to any other tutoring sessions that week.

Before I went in, I fully prepared myself by double-triple checking that I wasn’t making a stupid mistake, and that I understood exactly what I didn’t understand. That is, I had a definite question in mind. I wanted to make sure that when I knocked on my professor’s door, I could describe my problem exactly.

When I went in to office hours, I was surprised that there was a small line to get inside my professor’s office. When he realized there was a group of us, he invited all of us into his office where we crowded around his chalkboard and he answered all of our questions. This worked out really well, because he brought up more points that I had originally ignored but that were important to the homework.  What I learned from going to office hours is that my original plan of having a question is a good one, but you shouldn’t only be concerned with getting the answer you came for. It is also nice to have a little bit of time with the professor to clarify if a point isn’t clear to you. Now when I go into office hours my approach is more like “hey I am having some issues with this *points to notes from class lecture*”. Office hours are a great opportunity to get to know your professors outside of class, and the easiest way to do this is by asking them a question about their class!

Kaitlynn Hall (Senior Mechanical Engineering student) shares her experiences with attending office hours for professors.