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When Taking a Break from Studying is More Productive Than Studying

May 13, 2013

By Kaitlynn Hall, Senior Mechanical Engineering student

Photo of Kaitlynn HallI read somewhere that the human brain is actually so smart that it knows when it knows something and when it doesn’t know something. Something about alpha waves?

The point was that if you sit down and you truly think that you can’t figure something out (listening to your inner-self and not your text messages inviting you to go out, or your comfy bed inviting you to sleep), you should stop what you are doing and TAKE A BREAK.

You shouldn’t give up and abandon all hope of ever learning the subject, but by giving your brain a break you will have a better chance of actually learning the stuff later. So go on a run/walk, do some laundry, or pack your lunch for the next day. Something semi productive that isn’t actually school stuff, but isn’t just straight goofing off. Then later, after you’ve had some time to chill, get back on that homework horse and learn it! You can do it!

Kaitlynn Hall is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student.