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Joining a Student Organization

May 6, 2013

By Patricia Renyut, Sophomore Petroleum Engineering student

Picture of Patricia Renyut smilingThere are many engineering student organizations on campus at the Cockrell School of Engineering: all with a wide variety focuses, like major, service, music, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, and more.

If you come to the Engineering Complex on campus, most of the organizations’ offices are located in their respective buildings (if discipline-specific) or on the first floor of ECJ. Keep an eye out during campus-wide events, such as Explore UTGone to Texas, or various orientation sessions, because a majority of these organizations will make an appearance in one way or another!


As part of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the largest interdisciplinary student organization at the Cockrell School, I hold the position of Student Engineering Council (SEC) Representative. I am tasked with the role of liaison between SWE and SEC and also plan and execute Cockrell-wide SWE events.

Joining an organization has many benefits, including meeting new people with the same interests and gaining different perspectives on engineering. For example, by joining a major-specific student organization like the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), you meet upperclassmen who can give you advice on your classes, and you learn about different companies within the oil and gas industry that might be recruiting students for summer internships.  However, you should always prioritize before commiting to an organization. School comes first, so don't volunteer to plan 203,491,309 events the same week all your professors decide to give exams!

If you are new to campus, attend as many meetings as you want (meetings always provide free food!) to find out about organizations and if are interested in joining. Played an instrument in high school? Join EChO (Engineering Chamber Orchestra). Have a passion to make the Cockrell School “greener”? Join Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW).  Love sharing your passion for engineering with kids? Join Student Engineers Educating Kids (SEEK). There are so many engineering organizations to join at the Cockrell School!

Patricia Renyut, a Sophmore Petroleum Engineering student, provides insight about engineering student organizations in the Cockrell School of Engineering.