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Undergraduate Research Reflections - GLUE

The following are a collection of responses from GLUE students, responding to the question "What did you learn about research at UT Austin during the Informal Project Introductions last week?"

From listening to the presentations, I really learned about how wide a variety of research projects we have here at UT. Besides just engineering projects, I felt that there were also many projects that incorporated aspects of business into the research. I found this really interesting since engineers in industry also have to consider the finances of projects. It makes sense that research should be done in these fields also. Another thing that stuck out to me during the presentations is the sheer volume of research occuring at UT. I feel very lucky to go to a university that has so much ground-breaking research happening. Even better, many labs and professors are willing to take on undergraduates, even though they may not have a super strong background in the research. -2nd year Aerospace Engineering Student

During the informal project introductions, I realized how advanced some of my fellow GLUE member's projects are. They are having to compute and analyze and learn about such profound topics, which most of us can barely begin to comprehend in a short presentation. You also learn to appreciate the time and effort that goes into improving something we use everyday like a battery. Everything we use has been perfected throught relentless and painstaking research. It also seems like there is no limit to what you can research at UT; any and every topic is fair game as long as it holds significance in regards to benefitting society. - 2nd year Architectural Engineering Student

I learned that there is so much research doing on at UT outside of departments I thougth were "typical" of research. I've always thought that projects in biomedical or chemical engineering departments contained the most research and the kind of research you think of when you think "research." It's interesting to see how other engineers can research and innovate new compounds of cement or new ways to generate and store power and energy. While this isn't something I'm particularly interested in researching, it's nice that UT has such a diverse research community. It was also neat to see how research can encompass so many different disciplines like data analysis, mathmatical modeling, compound analysis, and so much more. I really enjoyed seeing what types of research are going on at UT outside of the biomedical engineering department. - 2nd year Biomedical Engineering Student