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Evening with Industry Banquet

January 15, 2014

By Meagan Wey, Junior Mechanical Engineering Student

Headshot of Meagan WeyThe WEP Evening with Industry Banquet is quickly approaching. I'm ready – are you?

This year will be my third Evening with Industry to attend, and I have enjoyed it every single time. As it's the night before EXPO, it's a great chance to meet recruiters in a less-intimidating setting – it's like a warm up! You sit with other students so that the heat is not always on you, and the conversation isn't always about work, or internships, or engineering.

In fact, one recruiter I sat with last year has a daughter at the school my mom taught at! Evening with Industry shows that recruiters are people (okay, I can't be the only one that needs a reminder from time to time) and they can enjoy a nice dinner with students, too!

The event is awesome when you sit with a company you really want to work for. You can make a good first impression, and they'll recognize you the next day at their EXPO booth. On the other hand, one year I didn't get to sit with my first pick company – not like it mattered too much! Have you ever had that experience where you say something and think, "Well...that was a really stupid thing to say." And you spend the rest of the time freaking out about it? Evening with Industry is an opportunity to fine-tune all the things you want to say – work on really selling yourself to a recruiter. You practice math problems, right? Relationships with professionals need practice, too, and the Banquet offers a very professional environment for that "studying" to happen.

It's a great event, and I hope to see you at the banquet this year!