Raissa Ferron

Headshot of Dr. Raissa FerronDr. Raissa Douglas Ferron is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.  Her research group focuses on studying on infrastructure materials, and is primarily dedicated to researches concerning cementitious engineering materials.

Dr. Ferron’s research expertise is in the areas of the rheology, processing and fresh state micro/nano-structural characterization of cement-based materials. She has worked on projects that involved investigating the mechanisms controlling the flocculation and flow behavior of cementitious materials during the early stages of hydration, including the effect clays, fly ashes, silica fume, soluble alkali content, aluminates, and sulfate content on the rate of stiffening in highly flowable concrete mixtures.  Current projects in Dr. Ferron’s group involves studying magnetorheological fluids, characterization of fresh-state hydraulic cements microstructure,  affordable sustainable housing materials, and fly-ash effectiveness in mitigating alkali-silica reaction.

Dr. Ferron earned her BS from Howard University, and MS and PhD from Northwestern University.  She serves as a member of several technical committees including ASTM International Committee C09: Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, Transportation Research Board Committee AFN40: Concrete Materials and Placement Techniques, American Concrete Institute Committee 237: Self-Consolidating Concrete, and American Concrete Institute Committee 238: Workability of Fresh Concrete. Dr. Ferron is a recipient of the 2010 ASCE New Faces award, an award which recognizes outstanding young civil engineers.