Kerry Kinney

Headshot of Dr. Kerry KinneyDr. Kerry Kinney is a Professor - Fellow of the L.P. Gilvin Centennial Professorship in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering.  Her research in environmental engineering focuses on the beneficial application of microorganisms to the treatment of pollutants in the environment.

Her research team develops biological treatment systems for contaminants generated from a variety of municipal and industrial sources. They utilize a range of tools that extend from molecular scale monitoring of biological processes to field scale demonstrations of treatment technologies. They also collaborate with other researchers in engineering and natural sciences to develop algae-to-biofuel production processes. In addition to examining the benefits of micrrorganisms in the ambient environment, Dr. Kinney's students investigate the potentially detrimental microbial communities that develop in indoor environments.

Dr. Kinney is also co-founder of the WEP GLUE Program and is a recipient of the 2009 WEP Advocate Award.