Paola Passalacqua

Headshot of Dr. Paola PassalacquaDr. Paola Passalacqua is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering.  Dr. Passalacqua is interested in understanding how topographic patterns arise, evolve, and interact with climate and ecosystems, in order to improve predictions of the response of the Earth-surface to disturbance and change (e.g., coastline response to hurricanes and anthropogenic disturbance) and develop sustainable management solutions (e.g., coastline restoration).

In order to achieve this goal, Dr. Passalacqua's research group is working on a variety of projects that span humid to arid landscapes, and landslide-prone environments to coastal areas. Their research merges the analysis of remote sensing data (high resolution topographic data -lidar Light Detection and Ranging and satellite images), numerical modeling, and theory. Specific research topics related to current sponsored projects include the interaction among drainage patterns, vegetation, and climate in humid uplands; routing of flow through the Wax Lake Delta distributary network; the identification of delta forming processes and signature of vegetation and anthropogenic disturbance in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta; the formation of arid landscapes, desertification, and the aerodynamic signature of dune fields through detailed simulations of the atmospheric boundary layer turbulence.