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Engineering and Cirque du Soleil

May 20, 3013

By Ana Dison, WEP Student Success Director

Picture of Ana Dison smilingWhile attending the 2013 American College Personnel Association (ACA) Conference in Las Vegas, I met up with friends and had a free night to do dinner and a show. We picked Love, featuring the Beatles music.  It was a fantastic performance!  If you've never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, it mixes acrobatics, music, dancing, acting, computer generated graphics, lights and many other techniques to heighten your senses.

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When Taking a Break from Studying is More Productive Than Studying

May 13, 2013

By Kaitlynn Hall, Senior Mechanical Engineering student

Photo of Kaitlynn HallI read somewhere that the human brain is actually so smart that it knows when it knows something and when it doesn’t know something. Something about alpha waves?

The point was that if you sit down and you truly think that you can’t figure something out (listening to your inner-self and not your text messages inviting you to go out, or your comfy bed inviting you to sleep), you should stop what you are doing and TAKE A BREAK.

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Joining a Student Organization

May 6, 2013

By Patricia Renyut, Sophomore Petroleum Engineering student

Picture of Patricia Renyut smilingThere are many engineering student organizations on campus at the Cockrell School of Engineering: all with a wide variety focuses, like major, service, music, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, and more.

If you come to the Engineering Complex on campus, most of the organizations’ offices are located in their respective buildings (if discipline-specific) or on the first floor of ECJ. Keep an eye out during campus-wide events, such as Explore UTGone to Texas, or various orientation sessions, because a majority of these organizations will make an appearance in one way or another!

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Office Hours: Get In, Get Your Questions Answered, Get Out

April 28, 2013

By Kaitlynn Hall, Senior Mechanical Engineering student

Headshot of Kaitlynn HallThe first time I went into office hours was for M408D. I remember being incredibly nervous that my professor would think I was stupid or would somehow embarrass me.  One day I finally got up the courage to go to office hours, because the homework was really difficult, and I knew I couldn’t go to any other tutoring sessions that week.

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My Experience as a FIG Mentor

April 22, 2013

By Katherine Olin, Senior Biomedical Engineering student

Picture of Katherine Olin backpackingBeing a FIG mentor has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I learned not only how to better speak in front of a group of people and how to plan events, but also how to share my experiences in a way that can effectively help other people.

The most important and inspiring thing I have gotten out of being a mentor has been the relationships I have formed with the girls I have mentored.

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My Life as a Women in Petroleum Engineering

April 15, 2013

by Ngozi Lawanson, Junior Petroleum Engineering student

Picture of Ngozi Lawanson smiling

Since I began college as a Petroleum Engineering student, I've been privy to many questions and remarks regarding my major. What is Petroleum Engineering? Why did you choose it? You're going to make the big bucks. I have answers that I could probably recite in my sleep. However, there is a popular question that I've yet to find an answer to: what's it like to be a woman Petroleum Engineer? I've searched and given a myriad of answers to this question, but none seem adequate in describing what it feels like to be a woman studying Petroleum Engineering.

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