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Being a TA for the Spatial Visualization Course

April 8, 2013

by Krista Seaman, Sophomore Architectural Engineering student

Picture of Krista smilingMany people believe you are either born to see objects in three dimensions, or you are not.  However, the ability to imagine a 2D object in 3D does not solely depend on intuition; it can be taught. 

Luckily, I have never had trouble with this task; it just came to me.  When I was asked to teach the Spatial Visualization course, I had trouble imagining how I would teach something that came so naturally to me.  With the help of the workbook lesson outlines and exercises, I was able to identify and explain my mental process to a group of freshmen students. Throughout the semester, I came across examples that I was even unsure of the answer.


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WIALD's High Altitude Balloon

April 1, 2013

By Ciara Waldron, Senior Aerospace Engineering student

Picture of Ciara Waldron smilingWomen in Aerospace for Leadership and Development (WIALD, pronounced "wild") was started in 2009 in the Aerospace Engineering Department. Our goal is to recruit and retain women in Aerospace Engineering by providing opportunities for leadership development and hands-on experience through aerospace-themed technical projects. This year we launch our first high altitude balloon to the edge of space! 

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Research Experiences for Undergraduates - REUs

The following are responses from current GLUE students regarding REU's (Research Experiences for Undergraduates):

To be honest, before I was in this program, I did not know REU's existed. So, I learned everything new about them! Before this, I thought the only opportunity to do undergraduate research was to work in a professor's lab during the semester. Now, I know that I can do research in practically any field and go all over the country to do it. I learned that there are hundreds of REU's that I can apply for and that I can even get paid. This entire project was very eye opening for me. Previously, I thought that my only option to get experience was to get an internship in the professional world. Now, I can see that there is a whole world of research opportunities that I can discover! - 2nd year Civil Engineering Student 

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Undergraduate Research Reflections - GLUE

The following are a collection of responses from GLUE students, responding to the question "What did you learn about research at UT Austin during the Informal Project Introductions last week?"

From listening to the presentations, I really learned about how wide a variety of research projects we have here at UT. Besides just engineering projects, I felt that there were also many projects that incorporated aspects of business into the research. I found this really interesting since engineers in industry also have to consider the finances of projects. It makes sense that research should be done in these fields also. Another thing that stuck out to me during the presentations is the sheer volume of research occuring at UT. I feel very lucky to go to a university that has so much ground-breaking research happening. Even better, many labs and professors are willing to take on undergraduates, even though they may not have a super strong background in the research. -2nd year Aerospace Engineering Student

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My Experience as a GLUE Mentee

March 25, 2013

By Genevieve Lim, Sophomore Chemical Engineering student

Picture of Genevieve Lim and 2 other students working around a table in a research labDuring my sophomore year, my interest in research heightened; however, I was hesitant to ask professors about their research and felt I was not ready to commit to working in a professor’s lab. I wanted an introduction to undergraduate research.  I decided to apply to the WEP Graduates Linked with Undergraduates in Engineering (GLUE) program to explore the applications of engineering in research.  I hoped to gain a better understanding of research and assess if it was something I would consider as a career.

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Women in Mechanical Engineering (WME)

March 18, 2013

By Brady Stoll, Mechanical Engineering Doctoral student

Picture of Brady Stoll smilingJoining organizations with similar interests to your own is a great way to meet people, network, and learn about opportunities around campus! I joined Women in Mechanical Engineering (WME) my first year as a graduate student and have loved all of the wonderful women that I met through the organization. WME is a student run organization that focuses on providing a forum for women to talk about their studies and network with other students and faculty.

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