Brand and Visual Guidelines

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About the Cockrell School of Engineering Brand

Nothing is more critical to marketing and communications success than the professionalism, consistency and authenticity of branding and messaging.

The best engineering school in Texas; rooted in energy leadership; a strong sense of history and tradition; a risk-taking and innovative culture; a world-class hub for tech advancement — these are just a few of the qualities that define the Cockrell School of Engineering brand. Referred to informally as Texas Engineering or UT Engineering, the Cockrell School has enjoyed a strong regional and national brand for over 100 years. As society becomes more globally connected and as our academic and research programs continue to rise, the Cockrell School and its people have recently become more influential on an international stage.


The Cockrell School’s visual identity is anchored by a uniform logo system. Launched across The University of Texas at Austin in 2016, the system incorporates all UT colleges, schools and units and was implemented to visually reflect a more cohesive campus. The Cockrell School logo is the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on all official school communications. The logo has been specifically drawn and spaced. It should never be redrawn, re-arranged, stretched or manipulated in any way.


cockrell school formal logo


The Cockrell School logo may only be used in the two-color option (shown above), in all-black or in all-white. It may be used as instructed by these guidelines on any paper or digital materials without additional approval. However, any proposed use of the logo on apparel, goods/merchandise or other promotional items must have prior approval from the Office of Trademarks and Licensing and purchased by an approved UT vendor.

Download Two-Color Logo

Download All-Black Logo

Download All-White Logo


The consistent use of specific typefaces is an important aspect of the UT and Cockrell School brands. The school employs two primary families of typefaces — GT Sectra, a serif; and Benton Sans, a sans serif. To purchase licenses for these fonts, or for more information about how to use them, contact Cockrell School Communications and Marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

typography GT Sectra

typography BentonSans

For digital communications and media, or if you don’t have access to the school’s two primary fonts, specific alternative typography may be employed. Georgia or Charis SIL may be used in place of GT Sectra, and Arial or Libre Franklin may be used in place of Benton Sans.

Color Palette

While burnt orange and white are the Cockrell School's primary colors and the most integral color components of our brand, a school-specific secondary palette provides eight complementary colors for versatility and variety. (Note: secondary colors should not be used more prominently than primary colors.)

cockrellschool colorpalette

Download ASE Color Files


Photography is critically important to the Cockrell School’s identity and can visually communicate core messages and unique qualities that reflect the brand. All Cockrell school photos should aim to be bright and authentic, and portraiture should capture human emotion and effectively reflect the diversity of our community.

engineering education and research center spring

student in petroleum engineering research lab

student with robotic car

photo of Jeanne Stachowiak


Email Signatures

Your email signature is a not only a representation of you, but also of your department, school and university. UT’s preferred email signature style is outlined below.

The University of Texas at Austin | School | Department | 512-XXX-XXXX | email

Email Signature Specs:

  • Type Size: 10pt
  • Typeface: Arial
  • Colors: burnt orange (#bf5700) and dark gray (#333F48)